'We're buddies, we're pals (Yeah!) Side by side where ever we go we're always ready to roll (Now gimme a beat!)'
Welcome to our Homepage

Here, you can gather some information about my Tibetan Terriers. I had fallen for TT since primary school - but because the best always takes too long, Milo just joined me in 2005. Since that point we go together everywhere. Of course one Tibetan wasn't enough (other TT owners may know this phenomenon, also known as TT virus, too well and smile now) and so we were haunted by the personalized chaos named Tao-Tao since 2008. We are living in Bonn of the beautiful Rheinland, close to the Kottenforst (forest) where one can have fabulous walks. Now please enjoy our Site!

P.S. please excuse my somewhat 'free' translation.

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